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Raising our puppies we teach basic commands and use early neurological stimulation and socialization. We introduce different sounds and work to teach bark control and suppression.

We utilize the following enrichment methods:
1. Pee-pad training
2. Leash walking
3."No" biting/chewing control
4. Crate training
5. Sit command
6. Socialization with adult dogs
7. Socialization with children and elderly
8. Sound stimulation
9. Household desensitization
10. Grooming desensitization
11. Early neurological stimulation
12. Touch desensitization
15. Play with toys

We send our puppies home with a certificate of health, food starter bag, treats, chews, brush, product samples, toy with littermates' scent, vaccinations, blanket with mom's scents, 6 weeks of health insurance, one year genetic health guarantee, lifetime breeder support and puppy care information.

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