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Guardian Program

What is Guardianship?

This program allows families located in Manitoba Canada to add a Silver Ridge yorkie to their family free of charge, while allowing us to keep the dog in our breeding Program. Once the set number of breedings are complete, we de-sex and surrender the dog permanently to the guardian family.

How long are the dogs bred?

We place males & females in guardian homes- and the contracted time is 7 years for males. Females are bred for 4 litters.

What amount of time will breeding require?

Outside of the regular care of the dog, Males come to us to mate about 3-5 times a year. Females come for breedings 1-2 times a year- and come to us for whelping and pup rearing for approximately 5-7 weeks.


What is guardian responsible for?

  • Guardians are responsible for giving loving and safe home for our dogs.

  • They are responsible all costs related to the care of the dog, food, toys, vet care etc.

  • Facilitating breedings and working with us- and communicating with us being flexible and transporting pup as needed.

  • Following everything outlined in the contract.

What is the breeder responsible for?

  • The breeder is responsible to supply the guardian with a healthy yorkie pup.

  • Provide guardian with instructions concerning dietary guidelines for the dog, and instructions regarding preventative health.

  • Cover and any and all costs related to breeding.

What do I require to be eligible for guardianship?

Potential Guardians must live in the south-eastern Manitoba region, with commitment to stay in this region for 5 years. We like guardians that are communicative and willing to work with us in the best interest of the dog. Families need to be able to financially supply everything required to raise a puppy. A home with enough room to provide adequate exercise with means to fence or restrain pup for reasons of safety.  

Do guardians have to sign a contract?

Yes we require guardians to sign a contract, it outlines every detail so that both the breeder and guardian know what is expected of them. It protects both parties and creates a greater chance of success. Contracts are up when five years have past from time of signing the contract. If the breeder decides to retire the dog early, or if the pup has been surrendered by guardian for whatever reason, the contract at that point will be null and void. If you'd like more info about the terms the contract contains, feel free to contact us and we will be happy to provide a copy of the contract for you to view.

How do I apply to become a guardian family?

Our Guardian program is open to Manitoba residents only. To apply fill out the application below

Thanks so much for your interest in our guardian program! If you have any questions not covered here, feel free to contact us using the form Below

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