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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where are you Located?

A: We are located in Manitoba Canada


Q: Do you ship puppies? If so where do you ship?

A: Yes we do- we have a lap nanny delivers to many countries, we have transport brokers that make the process easy and seamless. Please note transport is extra and the responsibility of the adopting family.

Q: How much do your puppies cost?

A: Our pups aren't inexpensive, they range in price from $3,000-$5,000. Depending on quality, size and colour etc. But we truly believe our pups are worth the investment and wait.

Q: How do I reserve a puppy?:

A: To be approved we require potential families to start by filling out a puppy application form. Once your application has been reviewed and been approved, you can choose to either join the priority list by paying the $250 reservation fee or you can choose to remain on the free notification list. Please note notification list does not put you in line to adopt a puppy, it only notifies families of upcoming litters via email. Our puppies are reserved through our priority waiting list ONLY.  Choosing to be part of our priority list is completely optional and families are welcome to remain on the notification list if they desire.

Q: What is the current wait times for a puppy placement?

A: We are booked for 2024 and are now booking into 2025

Q: Does my puppy come with a contract or health guarantee? 

A: Yes. Your puppy is covered for any congenital health defects for 1 year. Please see our contract for details. 

Q: Do you give breeding rights?

A: We very seldom ever sell my puppies with breeding rights. If we give breeding rights we are very selective of whom we give them to and have a strict contract for breeding homes. Full breeding rights must be approved by us and a puppy application must be submitted as well as a phone or in person interview. If you choose to inquire, send us your breeding goals, your story/history, info on your facility, rearing practices etc

Q: Do you provide stud services?

A: We do provide stud services to approved females and properly screened breeders. We do only shipped semen for AI

Q: Are your dogs registered?

A: Yes our adults are all registered, pups that are pets will not come with registry. If having a registry is important to you, it will be available at cost to you and given over after the spay or neuter of your puppy.

Q: What colours do you see in puppies?

A: Our dogs make traditional, chocolate, sable and Parti.

Q: How can I become a guardian home?

A: Please read over the guardianship information to learn more. To apply fill out a puppy application. Must be located in southeastern Manitoba or Winnipeg region.

Q: How old will my puppy be when he/she can leave?

A: We prefer all puppies be at least 10 weeks before they leave for their new homes. This ensures that they are well socialized, have proper vaccinations, are eating well on their own, and most importantly are stable enough for their new homes. In certain cases, if we have a puppy who may be larger than normal, we MAY let them leave a little sooner at 10 weeks. Just the same, if we have one charting smaller, we usually like to keep them a little longer.

Q: What size are your yorkies?

A: The standard for the breed is 3-7 pounds and pups typically fall within that range. While we do sometimes get pups that are very tiny and some that are larger, the vast majority are closer to 5-7 pounds. We do not aim to breed tiny pups- We prefer to breed for health and quality and not for size.

Q: Are yorkies good with kids?

A: It depends. we personally will not sell any puppy charting under 4lbs to homes with children under the age of 7. We have nothing at all against children, but this is for their protection and for the protection of our puppies. Small yorkies can be accidentally hurt by children very easily from an accidental drop, an accidental kick from running through the house. Yorkies over 4lbs are wonderful for children and make perfect family pets if trained correctly.

Q: Will my puppy be potty trained? 

A: We do our best to have your baby using potty pads majority of the time. We do not take young puppies outside because we feel it is unsafe for them to go outdoors without full vaccinations. It is very easy to teach your puppy to potty outside after vaccinations are complete.

Q: If I no longer can take care of my puppy will you take him/her back?

A: Yes! We have a lifetime return policy, no questions asked. We will always take back our puppies no matter the situation or how much time has passed. However this does not mean we will buy the dog back at original purchase price. 

Q: How long will my puppy live?

A: The average yorkie lives 12-16 years depending on genes, feeding routine, and health care. 

Q: Are there any health concerns I should know about in yorkies?

A: Common health problems in yorkies include: liver shunts, luxating patellas, hypoglycemia, pancreatitis, etc. All of our dogs are screened for congenital defects and we will not sell a puppy with such congenital defects. Please see our contract for more to see what is covered.

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